The nuclear submarine « Smolensk » : return to active duty

The Russian K-410 « Smolensk » Oscar-II class nuclear submarine is to return to active duty after repairs and modernization work

2014-jan-26 Smolensk02

Photo Credit : OAO Star


     The Russian K-410 « Smolensk » Oscar-II class nuclear submarine is to return to service after two years of repair and modernization work. All elements have been reviewed: hull, propellers, navigation systems and electronics.

     On 30 December of 2013 the « Smolensk » arrived at its base in Zaozersk in the Mourmansk regon. The K-410 « Smolensk » is an attack submarine, part of the949A Anteï class (Oscar-II in NATO terms) built in 1990. It is a vessel identical to the infamous submarine « Kursk » which sank on August 12, 2000. It is 154 m long with a maximum weight of 23,860 tons. Its surface speed is 15 knots and 32 submerged. The weaponry of the “Smolensk” submarine is composed of 24 P-700 Granit cruise missiles along with 650mm and 533mm torpedoes.

     The end of 2013 is important for Russian submariners. Other than the return of the « Smolensk », new generation submarines are expected impatiently, the “Aleksandre Nevski” a Boreï-class and the “Severodvinsk” a Yasen -class entered service on the 23rd and the30th of December respectively.

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