M1 Abrams


The American main battle tank M1 Abrams


M1 Abrams 001

Photo Credit : US Army


     The M1 Abrams is an American main battle tank. It was developed in the 70s by Chrysler to replace the M-60 tanks within the American army. It was put into service in 1980.

     The first models of the M1 Abrams were equipped with a M68 105mm canon. From the version M1A1 and up a 120mm canon, a derivation of the German Leopard 2, was installed. The M1 is propelled by a flex-fuel gas turbine.

     The M1 Abrams underwent several upgrade procedures, the model M1A2 SEP has the capacity to digitalize the battlefield. All models are capable of receiving the TUSK protection kit for operational deployment. The M1 Abrams is the primary tank used within the American army.


Gun: 120 mm
Coaxial machine gun: 7.62 mm
Machine gun: 12.7 mm


Crew: 4
Powertrain: AGT1500, 1500 hp
Speed: 67 km/h
Weight: 63.1 à 69.5 t
Dimensions: L x W x H: 7.92 m (9.83 m with gun) x 3.70 m x 2.40 m


Length : 7.92 m
Length with gun : 9.8 m
Width : 3.70 m




Small définition

High definition


M1A2 SEPV2 101

M1A2 SEP (V2). Photo : G. Jones/US Army


M1 Abrams 004

M1 Abrams. Photo Credit : US Army


M1 Abrams 005

M1 Abrams. Photo Credit : US Army


M1 Abrams 002

M1 Abrams. Photo Credit : US Army


M1 Abrams Australia 201

M1 Abrams Australan firing. Photo : SGT John Waddell / Australian DoD


M1A1 Iraqi army_001

M1A1 Abrams Iraqi Army


M1A2SEP Abrams Challenge 003

M1A2 SEP Abrams. Photo Credit : Elliot Banks/DoD


M1A2 SEPV2 102

M1A2 SEP (V2). Photo : J. Guthrie/US DoD



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