Engineering support for the British Army’s armoured vehicle fleet


BAE Systems has been awarded a contract to provide engineering support for the British Army’s armoured vehicle fleet.


Challenger-2 MoD_A102

Challenger 2. Photo Credit : Cpl Paul Jarvis / UK MoD


     BAE Systems in the UK has been awarded a £50 M five-year contract by the Ministry of Defence to provide engineering support for the British Army’s armoured vehicle fleet.

     Commenced on 1 January 2015 and covers a wide range of armoured vehicles in the fleet, including light, medium and heavy armoured vehicles. BAE Systems, which maintains design authority, will continue to provide support to Warrior infantry fighting vehicle, Bulldog armoured personnel carrier, CVR-T Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), Titan armoured bridge launcher, Trojan armoured engineer vehicle, Panther, the CRARRV Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle as well as the main battle tank Challenger 2.

     The work will be carried out predominantly in Telford, Shropshire, with engineers from Newcastle and Filton, Bristol supporting the heavy armoured vehicles Panther respectively. Trials work will take place at Ministry of Defence test sites such as Bovington in Dorset.



MCV-80 Warrior A101

Warrior IFV in CENZUB. Photo Credit : UK MoD


BAE contract UK

DE&S Support Contrat. Credit : UK MoD



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