The Weststar GS Cargo for East Timor


East Timor has bought ten Malaysian LTTV’s,
Light Troop Transport Vehicles.


Weststar GS Cargo 100

Photo: Global Komited Sdn Bhd


     East Timor has bought ten LTTV’s, Light Troop Transport Vehicles, Weststar GS Cargo from the Malaysian company Global Komited Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Weststar Group of Companies. These vehicles are destined for East Timor defense forces.

     The contract for 2.2 million Malaysian Ringgits (691,000 USD) was signed by the Secretary of State, his excellence Dr. Julio Tomas Pinto, in Dili, the capitol of East Timor on the 10th of June 2014. Delivery of the vehicles should be completed within the four months following the signing of the contract. This first shipment of ten vehicles is part of a order of fifty that could be finalized at the end of this year. Total costs are estimated at 11 million Malaysian Ringgits (3.46 million USD).

     The LTTV Weststar GS Cargo is used by Malaysian armed forces. It can transport up to 10 fully equipped soldiers including the pilot. The Weststar GS Cargo has a 2.5 liter engine and is void of ballistic protection. Derived from the Toyota pick-up, the Weststar GS Cargo is manufactured using 40% of pieces and materiel of Malaysian origin.



Weststar GS Cargo 102

Photo: Global Komited Sdn Bhd


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