The new Russian BMS


The construction of a new Borei class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, project 955A “Kniaz Oleg” begins.



Photo Credit: Sevmash


     On Sunday the 27th of July 2014, during the holiday for the Russian Navy, the shipbuilder Sevmash began the construction of the new Borei class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, project 955A “Kniaz Oleg”. Produced in series, it is the 5th Borei from the project 955, destined for the Russian Navy and the second designed in the Borei-A project 955A modernized version.

     The first two Borei, K535 “Youri Dolgorouki” and the K-550 “Aleksandre Nevski”, were handed over to the Russian Navy in 2013 while waiting for the delivery of the Boulava strategic missiles. The third Borei class submarine, the K-551 “Vladimir Monomakh” has terminated part of its undergoing testing. All propulsion systems have been tested as well as its weapons systems, sonar and emitted sound levels. The fourth submarine in the series and the second in the version 955A “Kniaz Vladimir”, is under construction. It is previewed to launch in 2018.

     The Borei class nuclear ballistic missile submarines are strategically important for the Russian Navy. Eventually they will replace all the BMS from the 667BDRM Delfin project, Delta-IV in NATO denomination, and the 941 Akula project, Typhoon in NATO denomination.




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