Bangladesh has chosen the Yak-130

Bangladesh had selected the Russian Yak-130 training aircraft.
Twenty-four aircraft will be acquired for an estimated $800 million.



Photo Credit : Russian MoD


The training aircraft market is full expansion. Just recently, Indonesia has received sixteen T- 50i training aircraft designed by the South Korean company KAI, Australia has signed a contract for the T -6C Texan-II by the American company Beechcraft, the M-346 Italian won over the Polish market and the HAL company from India has received new funding for the development project of the HTT-40 training aircraft.

Bangladesh has selected for its air force the Russian Yak- 130 training aircraft. Twenty- four aircraft will be acquired for an estimated $800 million. For this very competitive price of about $30 million per unit, not including parts, training and ground equipment the aircraft will be delivered with their basic configuration.

In addition to training, the Yak -130 is able to perform light combat missions. The choice for the Yak -130 is primarily dictated by Dhaka’s’ budgetary restrictions. They are to be financed by a $1 million credit from Moscow, subscribed to last year, and meant for the acquisition of military equipment.

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