The launching ceremony for the « Pietro Venuti » submarine


The Fincantieri shipyard hosted
the launching ceremony for the S-528 « Pietro Venuti » submarine,
U212A « Todaro » class.


S-528 Venuti 101

S-528 « Pietro Venuti ». Photo Credit : Italian MoD


     October 09, 2014, the Fincantieri shipyard in Muggiano hosted the launching ceremony for the « Pietro Venuti » submarine, the third unit of the four U212A « Todaro » class. The Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti and the Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy, Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, attented the ceremony.

     The « Pietro Venuti » is part of the second pair of submarines to be built and precedes by about one year the « Romeo Romei », currently under construction. In the Navy’s fleet these vessels, whose delivery is due in 2015 and 2016, will replace the « Prini » and « Pelosi » submarines, built in the late 1980s.

     « Pietro Venuti » has a 27-person crew. It has a surface displacement of 1,509 tonnes, an overall length of 55.9 meters, a diameter of 7 meters, and can exceed 16 knots underwater.

     U212 submarine represents the result of the agreement signed on April 1996 between German and Italian Ministry of Defence for a joint German – Italian submarine programm. Two submarines have been realized for Italian program: S526 « Todaro » in 2006 and S527 « Scire » in 2007. The « Pietro Venuti » is the 101st submarine built in Muggiano shipyard since 1907.



S-528 Venuti 102

S-528 « Pietro Venuti ». Photo Credit : Italian MoD


S-528 Venuti 103

S-528 « Pietro Venuti ». Photo Credit : Italian MoD



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