Arquus : The Limoges plant opens its doors


Arquus opened the doors of their Limoges factory to host
specialist journalists.



Arquus, Sherpa light. Photo Credit : Strategic Bureau


     Arquus is one of the main French defense companies. With more than 1,500 employees, it has four factories nationwide: in Saint-Nazaire, Marolles-en-Hurepoix, Garchizy and Limoges. On April 6, 2023, the company opened the doors of the Limoges factory to specialized journalists.

Each of the four industrial sites has a specialization within Arquus. That of Saint-Nazaire is in charge of the MOT, Land Operational Maintenance, vehicles in service, from the PVP to the TRM10000. The Marolles-en-Hurepoix site is responsible for the militarization of the engines, the manufacture and repair of the mechanical components and the production of the VBL Ultima. The Garchizy factory carries out the production of armored cabins, the renovation of VABs and the distribution of spare parts.

     The Limoges plant specializes in the production of new vehicles from all of the company’s ranges: Bastion, Sherpa, VAB Mk3, PVP. To meet future needs, Arquus has invested nearly 8.5 million euros in the Limoges site between 2020 and 2023. A new logistics platform is commissioned at the end of 2022.

     In 2021, Arquus inaugurated new offices on its Limoges site, intended to accommodate the teams of the Methods and Quality departments. In addition, Arquus has opened a new production line of the VLRA, Light Reconnaissance and Support Vehicle, and vehicles built on its basis: Bastion, Fortress, Patsas.

Today, Arquus continues to produce new vehicles, including the Bastion, Sherpa Light, PLFS, VLFS, Dagger, VLRA and the mobility part of the Griffon VBMRs, Jaguar EBRCs and Caesar self-propelled artillery guns. Almost 90% of wheeled vehicles in the French army are supported by the company, as well as 29,000 vehicles worldwide. The company remains active in the wheeled armored vehicle market in France and internationally.




Arquus, VAB. Photo Credit : Strategic Bureau



Arquus, Dagger. Photo Credit : Strategic Bureau



Arquus, Caesar. Photo Credit : Strategic Bureau



Arquus, Sherpa light, Hornet. Photo Credit : Strategic Bureau



Arquus, VBMR Griffon. Photo Credit : Strategic Bureau



Arquus, Bastion. Photo Credit : Strategic Bureau






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